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We want everyone to stay safe and healthy so we are remaining cautious about what we sell. 

There are numerous regulations and requirements for international travel and they change daily. 
Before you book, please contact us and we can keep you informed about current travel policies.


If you booked travel directly through the airline or a package vendor, we are unable to change or cancel your booking for you.  You MUST contact the vendor directly where you booked the trip.  

For travel outside the US, the current requirement is having a negative Covid test within 72-hours of your return flight back into the United States for vaccinated travelers and 24-hours for unvaccinated travelers.  Here is the link to current CDC guidelines with FAQ's for airline travel:

Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Air Passengers Arriving in the United States | CDC

Many resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean are offering free covid testing prior to your return flight as well as options for quarantining at or near the resort for up to 14 days if you test positive.  The list is extensive so please contact us for more information.  *** Some resorts are starting to charge for covid testing.  ***

Requirements for entry into other countries as well as returning entry into the United States changes constantly.  Here is a link to the Sherpa website which provides up-to-date information about curent travel requirements.

Travel Restrictions (joinsherpa.com)


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