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We are open but all of us may not be in the office at the same time! 
The best way to contact one of our agents is to use the email list below.
The situation changes daily and the policies and guidelines for each vendor
keep changing in response to current health officials guidelines.
Also, we are not allowing physical access to our building and staff. 
This is for all our health and safety.




To our friends, vendors and travel partners all over the world....

We are thinking of you!!!



The Travel Center, LTD



To send a message to our staff, here is our email list:

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Current Travel Policies

1.  Travel Insurance:  Most policies will NOT cover COVID-19.

"Worry" or fear of travel is not a covered reason to receive cancellation insurance reimbursement.

Many "cancel for any reasons' policies only cover up to 75% of your trip cost.

Some insurance vendors have canceled the ability to purchase a CFAR policy.


Here are the websites with coverage information for three top travel insurance providers:

Allianz:  https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/coverage-alerts/2019-novel-coronavirus.htm

Travelex:  https://www.travelexinsurance.com/docs/tis/current-events/virus-outbreak-statement.pdf

Travel Guard: https://www.travelguard.com/travel-news/coronavirus-advisory


2.  WHO (World Health Organization) website:



3.  CDC (Center for Disease Control) website:



4.  Many cruises have been canceled and the cruise lines have suspended service.  Each cruise line and/or river cruise company has its own policies.  If your travel date is within the suspended service dates, the options may be different than if you cancel your cruise for travel beyond the suspended dates.  



5.  There are change waivers issued by many airlines for international travel.

Policies vary by airline.

Cancellation waivers are available for travel dates within the waiver policy. 

Refunds are generally NOT available unless the airline cancels the flights.


Please contact our office for more information.

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